Past Results 2017/18

Sunday September 10th


Golden Eagles 2-1 Thames Valley Youth
Kyran and Billy scored. Well done, a good team effort

Sunday 17th September

Golden Eagles v Explorers Reds Gabbie and Alex scored
To start with we will need to rotate players so please let Liz know when you are not available.Sunday 17th September

Sunday 17th September

Golden Eagles v Explorers Reds Gabbie and Alex scored
To start with we will need to rotate players so please let Liz know when you are not available.

Singh Sabha 7-1 Golden Eagles Billy scored
Remember if you cannot play you need to let Nav or Liz know and not let the team down, we had no subs this week

Sunday 24th September
BJBlues v Golden Eagles Alex and Gabbie scored
Slough Town 3-4 Golden Eagles Jayden 1 Zayn 3 Much better with a full squad!!

Sunday 1st October
Golden Eagles v Chalfont Saints Alex, Gabbie and Raheem scored

Golden Eagles 3-1 FC Cippenham Bulldogs Zayn scored 2 and an OG
Top of the league!!!!

Sunday 8th October

Delaford Blues v Golden Eagles Raheem, Gabbie, Jacob and Toju scored.
We are hoping to start the other team at the beginning of November.

Sunday 15th October

Windsor Owls Reds v Golden Eagles Gabbie and Toju scored

Golden Eagles 1-1 Singh Sabha  Zayn scored

Sunday 22nd October
No Games

Sunday 29th October

Golden Eagles v Burnham reds Alex and Raheem scored
The Flyers will have their own team from 12th November

Golden Eagles 5-1 Maidenhead Warriors Well done with 3 missing through illness.

Zayn, Billy ,Kyran and Ben scored .

Sunday 5th November


Windsor Blues v Golden Eagles  Jacob Gabbie and Toju scored



League Cup first round

Burnham Pumas Blues 8-1 Golden Eagles   Excelent start , Golden Eagles went 1-0 up with a goal from Zayn. 1-1 at half time . Unfortunately we ran out of steam !

Sunday 12th November


Development games are starting , a few weeks of competitive games see separate heading

Chalfont saints 1-6 Golden Eagles Jacob 3 Alex 1 Toju 2
Gabbie, Alex, Hassan, Karam, Jacob, Raheem, Toju, Adam Thaliwal, Jack??

u9 Flyers
Development games see separate heading
Boyne hill Greens 2-4 Golden Eagles Flyers Excellent start Both teams played in the right spirit ,end to end game ,
Franek scored the goal of the season so far!!!Dilan opened the scoring and 2 good goals from Tudor clinched the game.
Both goalies made some excellent saves. Well done all of you.

Franek, Taylor, Frankie, Hamza, Eva Mei, Tudor, Dilan, Jamai, Jai (Adam, Rayan)?


Thames Valley 1-0 Golden Eagles

Saturday 18th November
All U9’s are going to FC Cippenham’s ground instead of training at kedermisterpark
We won 3-0

Sunday 19th November
Golden Eagles 6-1 Explorers blue
Gabbie 3 ( two rebounds from saves from Alex’s shots) Alex 1 Toju 1 Karam 1

Golden Eagles Flyers 3-4 Chalfont Saints Spartans all headers Tudor 2 Taylor 1

Golden Eagles 5-2 Slough Town Zayn 3 Ben 1 Billy 1

Sunday 26th
Burnham Junior Yellow 2-8 Golden Eagles FC , Gabbie 5 Alex 2 Toju 1

Well done top of the group

Gabbie, Alex, Hassan, Karam, Jacob, Raheem, Toju, Adam Thaliwal, Jack??

U9 Flyers no game

Maidenhead Warriors 2-1 Golden Eagles     Zayn scored.

Saturday 2nd December
U9s and u9’s Flyers back to normal training

Sunday 3rd December

U9 ‘s

Quarter Final

Golden Eagles FC 3-4 Burnham Junior Reds Toju 2 Alex 1
Unlucky boys !

U9 Flyers

Golden Eagles Flyers 5-3 Tudor 2 Franek 1 Hamza 1 Taylor 1


FC Cippenham Bulldogs 2-2 Golden Eagles FC Zayn scored
May be the last week we are top of the league !!!
It all depends on every one else now .

Sunday 10th December


No game

Sunday January 7th
U9’s  Thames Valley Youth v Golden Eagles FC Gabbie scored

U9 Flyers

Last Development Game

Chalfont Saints Spartans 6-4 Golden Eagles Flyers Excellent game . We went 2-0 up but lost 6-4. Taylor 1 Dilan 2 and an OG
Man of the match Taylor. We were runners up , so well done all.
U12 ‘s

Now promoted to the 1st division, Well done. We are Runners up .Well done.Trophies will be presented on 28th January when we play FC Cippenham Bulldogs who won the league.

Some games now will be a bit more of a challenge!!!

Sunday 14th January

Singh Sabha v Golden Eagles FC Adam , Jack, Gabbie and Alex scored

U9 Flyers
Maidenhead Warriors v Golden Eagles Flyers   Tudor scored

U12’s no game.

Sunday 21st January


Golden Eagles v BJ blues   Toju scored
Good game
U9 Flyers

Golden Eagles v Boyne Hill Buccaneers excellent game , Tudor , Franek (birthday boy) and Taylor scored.


Golden Eagles v Slough Town Youth Postponed

28th January
Maidenhead warriors v Golden Eagles FC Alex. Raheem and Jack and Toju scored.

U9 Flyers
S4K Bears v Golden Eagles Flyers Tudor, Taylor and Frankie scored .

FC Cippenham 1-0 Golden Eagles The boys received their runners up trophies Please send any photos to
I will try to get a write up in the press.

Sunday 4th February

Golden Eagles v Townmead Toby, Adam, Alex, Jack, Toju, Gabbie,Karam and Jacob,

Golden Eagles Flyers v Singh Sabha Tudor scored

no game
Let us know if you are going on the schools PGL trip on 18th March.

Sunday 18th February
Played in Tournament Gabbie and Alex scored

18th February
U9 Flyers
Golden Eagles Flyers 2-3 Real Saracens Taylor 2 goals ,Jai Man of the match
U9 development games start see page on development games feb/march for full details

Burnham Junior Pumas Blues 8-0 Golden Eagles FC
please make sure you let Nav know if you are unable to playin plenty of time so he can ring for a replacement. We only had 9 today out of 16.
5th February

Burnham yellows1-5 Gabbie, Toby 2 and Toju 2 well done
U9 Flyers
Boyne Hill Greens 2-0 Golden Eagles Flyers meet at North Maidenhead CC Summerleaze Road Maidenhead SL6 8SP at 10.30
Training Saturday 10 to 11.30am
Golden Eagles 1-3 FC Cippenham bulldogs Rashid scored

Sunday 4th March
Golden Eagles v Explorers Reds POSTPONED

U9 Flyers
Boyne Hill Buccaneers v Golden Eagles Flyers POSTPONED

Slough Town v Golden Eagles FC POSTPONED
Sunday 11th March
Burnham Junior Sabres Red 1-3 Golden Eagles Toju, Alex and Gabbie scored.

Golden Eagles 1-8 S4K Bears Tudor scored

Boyne Hill Vipers4-1 Golden Eagles FC Ben scored

Saturday 17th March
u9’s and u9 Flyers training at Langley Grammar school 10am to 11am on the astro , no boots only astros or trainers.
Sunday 18th March
Golden Eagles v Windsor Owls Reds POSTPONED
U9 Flyers
Golden Eagles Flyers v George Green POSTPONED
Golden Eagles v Langley Hornets POSTPONED

Sunday 25th March
U12 Langley Hornets 2-0 Golden Eagles FC

Golden Eagles 6-0 Explorers reds , close game until the last few minutes. Gabbie ,a penalty, Alex 3 Toju 1 Raheem 1

U9 Flyers
Boyne Hill Buccaneers 4-1 Golden Eagles Fc Taylor scored.This was our last development game in this round

Sunday April 8th
Golden Eagles 2-5 Windsor Reds Alex and Toby
U9 Flyers
Goldeneagles flyers 2-3 george green Tudor 2

Golden Eagles FC 0-6 Slough Town Juniors

Sunday 15th April
u9’s and U 9 Flyers
next development games ,straight knock out. Final at arbour park 6th May if you reach that far.

Explorers Reds 3-3 Golden Eagles lost on penalties Gabbie , Alex and Toju scored

U9 Flyers
Golden Eagles Flyers 1-0 Harefield Taylor scored .Well done.

Sunday 22nd April

u9 Flyers
S4K Bears 5-2 Golden Eagles Flyers Taylor 1 and an Own goal

U9’s and u12’s no games
Tuesday 24th U12’s training as usual

Saturday 28th April
u9’s and u9 Flyers kedermister park , 10.15am to 11.15am.

Sunday 29th April

Slough Town3-0 Golden Eagles FC
friendly at Stoke park with Cookham Dean. Alex , Gabbie, Raheem, Tudor and Karam scored
Look at 6 aside dates and let us know your availability.

U9’s and U12’s for 2017/18
Congratulations to the u12’s they are runner’s up in the second Division.
Well Done.
U9 flyers reached the final of the vase in the development games.